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Fourth Quarter Project for Science
 Mrs. Rohrkemper
Due  5/21/99

This quarter, your project will be to create an ABC book on Electricity.  You may
use Unit 4 in your book- Electromagnetic Systems as a resource but you are encouraged
to use outside resources as well.
This project must be typed on the computer to receive a grade higher than 80%.
The first 100 points will be given before the fourth quarter interim for completing a rough
draft of your book.  This should include the word and information you have chosen for
each letter.  Also included should be your dedication, bibliography, and biography.

Required Elements:
Subject: All pages of your book must relate to electricity.

Audience: This book must be designed for use by a fourth or fifth grader.  You must
write all information, simple or complex in an easily understandable manner and in your
own words.

Letters: All 26 letters of the alphabet must be included in your book.  Each letter must
have its own page.

What is on each page:
     Capital and lower case letters must be included for each word.
     Word being described or defined for each letter. (The WORD should jump out at the
           reader, so use boldface, underline, or color.)
     Information, should describe or define the word, and explain its significance to
           electricity.  This information must be written in sentences and contain at least
           5 significant and relevant sentences.
     Illustration, there must be at least one diagram done by you on each page.  You may
           import pictures also, but draw yours first.
     Paper must be unlined.

Cover and Title:  A cover is required.  A cover should include Name of Book, and Name
     of Author.  Be creative with your decorations on your cover.

Cover Page:  Found just inside the cover, includes title, author/illustrators name, and
     date submitted.

Dedication:  Found just after the cover page.  Don't dedicate to me.

Bibliography:  Should have a minimum of three resources (encyclopedias and
     textbooks excluded and only one source from internet).  Check with your
     Language Arts teacher for how to complete this correctly.

Biography:  About the author (that's you), short, but informative, goes at the end.
          A picture is nice.

Click here to see the grading rubric