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have its own page.

What is on each page:
     Capital and lower case letters must be included for each word.
     Word being described or defined for each letter. (The WORD should jump out at the
           reader, so use boldface, underline, or color.)
     Information, should describe or define the word, and explain its significance to
           electricity.  This information must be written in sentences and contain at least
           5 significant and relevant sentences.
     Illustration, there must be at least one diagram done by you on each page.  You may
           import pictures also, but draw yours first.
     Paper must be unlined.

Cover and Title:  A cover is required.  A cover shousp;          first 100 points by completing your rough draft before interim.

Each letter of the alphabet is worth 5 points.  This includes relevant,
     well written information, and your own illustration. (drawing)
     A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

                                                                            Total points 130/your points_______
This project has been typed on a computer.

                                                                            Total points 20/your points ________

This project is neat, grammar is used correctly and spelling
     is correct.  (spell check was used)
                                                                            Total points 15/your points________

This project has a completed cover and title page, a cover page
     and a dedication.
                                                                            Total points 10/your points_________

This project was turned in on or before the due date.
     (10 points deducted for each day late)
                                                                            Total points10/your points_________

This project contains a correct bibliography and
     interesting biography about you.
                                                                             Total points 10/your points________

This project shows creativity and originality.
                                                                            Total points 5/your points__________
You may earn 5 points for a parent signature on your rough draft at
     interim time.

                                                                           Total points______________________

                                                                            Your grade______________________