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Stephanie R.

Winter is a wonderful time of year,
when white covers over the ground.
Miaka Lake us covered over with ice,
and filled with eager children.
waiting to skate.

The air is as fresh as newly picked grapes,
and the sun is juststarting to come up,
tocome up from hiding in the early sky.
The skates are happy to be out again,
after the long dreadful summer.

For a second there is silence,
and then the dogs start to bark,
as soon as they ae let out to play.
Then the children leap onto the ice,
in a flash of a moment.

Winter has finally come.
The smell of cocoa is in the air,
yet it is still cold,
Snd several children will go home sick,
But that is what winter is all about.

Martin Luther King's
            who used to
            fight for freedom for
who made onetwothreefourfive speeches just like that
he was a brave man
                             and what i want to know is
how do you like your success
Mister Death