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Write and define the eight parts of speech.


Label each underlined word as one of the eight parts of speech.

 The teacher has really enjoyed this wonderful year.
             9                         10                11
 Sadly we will collect the literaturetextbooks.
  12          13             14      15          16
 You will not do well if you have not studied.
  16        17       18  19                        20
 There is a prepositional phrase in this sentence.
          21                                22            23
 Oh! You already found and labeled it.
  24                                 25

26.  Name two of the questions that adjectives answer.

27.  Name four of the questions that adverbs answer.

28.  Name two questions that nouns answer.

29.  Write a sentence with a compound subject.

30.  Write a sentence with a compound predicate.

Underline each verb and label it as action or linking.

31.  Tonya is a good student. _____________

32.  She will receive an A.  ____________

Underline all of the prepositional phrases.

33.  The bull ran through the china shop and into the mall.

34.  The owner of the bull received an enormous bill.

Write an example of each type of sentence.

35.  Declarative _______________________________________________

36.  Imperative ________________________________________________

37.  Exclamatory______________________________________________

38.  Interrogative ______________________________________________

39.  Simple  __________________________________________________

40.  Compound ________________________________________________

41.  Complex  _________________________________________________

Underline each dependent clause and label it as noun, adverb , or adjective.
42.  Jessica, who has done well this year, will excel in the high school.

43.  Because Adam did his report, he will pass._____________

44.  Whoever did not do a report will probably fail.______________

Punctuate the following sentences correctly.
45.  When I arrive in class my students always applaud.

46.  I will miss this class next year but I will manage to go on with my life.

47.  In the middle of the night my wife and daughter will hear me scream
       and yell.

48.  My daughter who is extremely smart loves to read.

Circle the correct word choices.
49.  (Its, It's) very important to use notes when (your, you're) studying.

50.  (There, Their) are (to, too) many students who do not use (there, their)

51.  Mr. Henderson bought (himself, hisself) a new Barbie for Christmas.

52.  The neighbors built (themselves, theirselves) a beautiful house.

53.  I can’t believe I dropped (them, those) pencils.

54.  My brother and (I, me) attended the midnight game.

56.  (We, Us) teachers love to hear good news from former students.

57.  I don't have (any, no) homework.

58.  My dad walks very (slow, slowly).

59.  He doesn’t have (no, any) homework today.

60.  Julie played (good, well) in the game last night.

61.  My wife and my daughter (saw, seen) the new Disney movie.

62.  They have (saw, seen) every animated classic.

63.  Mr. Smith (did, done) a backflip with a full twist.

64.  (She, Her) and her husband have high hopes for their daughter.

65.  Each of my students (is, are) expected to pass the Proficiency Tests.

66.  All of my students (is, are) going to be prepared to do their best.

67.  (Who’s, Whose) students will do the best?

68.  (Who’s, Whose) the best student for this quarter?

69.  A cheetah attacks (quicker, more quickly) than a lion.

70.  Math is my (difficult, more difficult, most difficult) class this year.

71.  Model railroaders (lie, lay) out tracks in intricate patterns.

72. There (is, are) many things to learn before the proficiency tests.

73.  They (set, sit) houses, barns, and crossings all around the landscape.

Write the following address correctly as it would appear on an envelope.

74.  yogi bear; 321 jellystone drive; huckleberry, north dakota 94938


Write the correct literary term for each definition.

75.  _________________  The time and place of the story.

76.  _________________  A series of related events (what happens in the story).

77.  _________________  The relationship between the narrator and the story (who is telling the

78.  _________________  The main idea or author’s opinion about life expressed in a piece of

79. __________________  A reference to a famous person, place, event, or work of literature.

80. __________________  A person, animal, or imaginary creature that takes part in the action
                                              of a literary work.

81. __________________  A contrast between what is expected and what actually happens or

82. __________________   A logical guess or conclusion based on facts.

83.  _________________  - a comparison between two unlike things using like or as

84.  _________________  - a comparison between two unlike things without using like or as

85.  _________________ - words or descriptions that appeal to the five senses

86. __________________ - the repeating of a word, phrase, line, pattern, etc.

87. __________________ - a series of stressed and unstressed syllables; the beat

88. __________________ - repeated consonant sounds at the beginnings of words

89. __________________ - a word that echoes or suggests the sound of its meaning

90.  __________________ - giving human qualities to something that isn’t human

91. __________________ - a form of poetry that uses a conversational tone without regular
                                              rhyme, rhythm, or line patterns

92. __________________ - the arrangement of the words and lines of a poem; the way it looks

93. __________________  - the pattern of end rhymes in a poem

 Match the part of the plot to the events of The Diary of Anne Frank.
A.  Exposition (Conflict)      B.  Complication      C.  Climax      D.  Resolution (Conclusion)

94. _____  The Franks , Van Daans, and Dussel must survive each others’ faults and get along while
                   hiding from the Nazis during World War II.

95. _____  Mrs. Frank threatens to throw Mr. Van Daan out of the Annex for stealing food from the
                   other inhabitants.

96. _____  Mr. Van Daan and Anne Frank annoy each other repeatedly.

97. _____  The inhabitants celebrate the invasion of Normandy, apologize to each other, and continue to
                   live together.
Choose the term that best fits the example.
98.  “The faces around the table were balloons pulled by a single string.”
     a.  simile
     b.  metaphor
     c.  rhythm
     d.  onomatopoeia

99.   “John Henry was a little baby boy;                               a.  simile
You could hold him in the palm of his hand;                          b.  metaphor
Gonna be a steel drivin’ man, Lawd, Lawd,                          c.  repetition
 Gonna be a steel drivin’ man.”                                             d. personification

100.   “The young elm tree must be cut                                 a.  simile
           because its roots push at the house wall                      b.  alliteration
           taps and scrapes my window.”                                   c.  repetition
                                                                                            d. personification

101.  “And silence grew over him like an old stump.”
         a.  simile
         b.  metaphor
         c.  rhythm
         d.  onomatopoeia

102.   “When I was young                                                  a.  simile
         we would sit by                                                          b.  metaphor
         an old firewood stove                                                 c.  personification
         watching my grandmother make candy,                       d.  imagery
         listening to the stories
         my grandparents would tell
         about ‘the old days’
          and eat pinones”

103.  The quotation  on number 17 from “Pinones” by Leroy Quintana is an example of
         a.  traditional poetry.
         b.  free verse.
         c.  limerick.
         d.  blank verse.

104.   “Of those who moved across the Rio Grande
          Toward the hiss of Texas snake an Indian yell.”

        Hiss is an  example of
        a.  simile.                 c.  alliteration.
        b.  metaphor.           d.  onomatopoeia