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Each group is responsible for completing this review (including the exercises from The Writer's Craft listed at the bottom of this page).  Each group will turn in one paper with the names of all participating members.  The group with the most correct answers will receive 30 bonus points per member.  As you work on this review, each group member should create a personal study sheet of the items he or she needs to study for tomorrow's exam.

Second Quarter Exam Review

Write the correct literary term for each definition.

1.  _________________   A series of related events (what happens in the story).

2.  _________________  The time and place of the story.

3.  _________________  The relationship between the narrator and the story (who is telling the

4.  _________________  A reference to a famous person, place, event, or work of literature.

5. __________________  The main idea or authorís opinion about life expressed in a piece of

6. __________________  A person, animal, or imaginary creature that takes part in the action of a
                                        literary work.

7. __________________  A logical guess or conclusion based on facts.

8. __________________  A contrast between what is expected and what actually happens or exists.

Match the part of the plot to the events of "Flowers for Algernon.Ē

A.  Exposition  B.  Complication C.  Climax D.  Resolution

9. _____  After Charlie becomes incredibly intelligent, Algernon loses his intelligence. Charlie
               uses his intelligence to figure out if he can avoid losing his intelligence.

10. _____  A mentally handicapped man, Charlie Gordon,  wants to be smart.

11. _____  Charlie returns to being mentally handicapped.

12. _____  Charlie has an operation to become smarter, but he does not see positive results

 Correctly identify the eight parts of speech.

13.  ______________   - relates its object to another word.

14.  ______________   - modifies a verb, adjective, or other adverb

15.  ______________   - modifies a noun or pronoun.

16.  ______________   -replaces a noun or other pronouns.

17.  ______________   - connects words or groups of words.

18.  ______________   - names a person, place, thing, or idea.

19.  ______________   - expresses strong feelings or emotion.

20.  ______________   - .expresses action or links the subject to the predicate.

Write the correct answers on the blanks.

21.  What questions do adjectives answer?
 _______________  _________________  ____________________

22.  What questions do adverbs answer?
 ___________  ___________  ___________  ___________  __________

Correctly identify each underlined word as a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, interjection, conjunction, or preposition.

 Mature students can handle the responsibility of  behaving appropriately when theirregular teacher is

absent.  They understand that a substitute teacher has a difficult job, and they do their best to assure

that learning occursThese students know that their extremely talented regular teacher will treat

them well when he returns from his meeting.

 Write a sentence for each item using the word correctly.

  itís - _____________________________________________________________________

  your- _____________________________________________________________________

  their - _____________________________________________________________________

  there - ____________________________________________________________________

Write a sentence with each of the listed items.

 two adjectives - _____________________________________________________________

  one adverb - _______________________________________________________________

  adverb phrase - _____________________________________________________________

  adjective phrase - ___________________________________________________________

 interjection - _______________________________________________________________

Review conjugation of verbs in nine tenses.  You will not be required to conjugate the verb completely.  You will be asked to find mistakes in a conjugation that is already completed.

The following multiple-choice exercises in your Writer's Craft book will complete your review:

    463 B, #16-20        464 C, #26-35            501 C, #26-30            501 D, #36-40

    530 C, #31-35        532 C, #44-50            588 C, #31-35