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Pronouns Test

1. Define pronoun-_____________________________________

2. Define antecedent-____________________________________

3-5. Pronouns and antecedents must agree in __________________,

_________________, and ____________________.

6. _______________________ replace possessive nouns or noun phrases.

7. Explain how you can determine whether to use I or me in a sentence.

8. Explain how you can determine whether to use its or it’s in a sentence.

9. Explain how you can determine whether to use your or you’re in a


10. When is it acceptable to use the word hisself?

11. How many possessive pronouns require an apostrophe?

12. Circle the indefinite pronouns that can be either singular or plural.

many some everyone all

13. Subject pronouns are used as ________________________.

14. Object pronouns are used as _________________________.

Underline each pronoun and draw an arrow to its antecedent.

15. Mr. Wallace appreciates his students’ excellent behavior.

16. The students study for tests because they want to do well.

17. The students help themselves by keeping good notes.

Circle the correct word choices.

18. My brother and (I, me) attended the University of Cincinnati.

19. (Him and me, He and I) enjoyed our time at college.

20. My parents gave my brother and (I, me) much needed emotional support.

21. I hope that (your, you’re) planning to go to college or technical school.

22. (Your, You’re) family and teachers will be proud of you.

23. (Its, It’s) much easier to lead a successful life with a college degree.

24. (Who, Whom) will lead a happy life?

25. (We, Us) teachers love to hear good news from former students.

26. Some of you will probably surprise (we, us) teachers.

27. (She, Her) and her husband have high hopes for their daughter.

28. Each of my students (is, are) expected to pass the Proficiency Tests.

29. All of my students (is, are) going to be prepared to do their best.

30. (Who’s, Whose) students will do the best?

31. (Who’s, Whose) the best student for this quarter?

32. (They’re, Their, There) are many excellent students in the eighth grade.

33. (They’re, Their, There) always willing to help others.

34. (They’re, Their, There) parents are very proud of them.

35. I like teaching at Amelia Middle School because (its, it’s) a good school.

36. The boy bought (himself, hisself) a new car.

37. The neighbors built (themselves, theirselves) a beautiful house.

38. (This here, This) desk needs replaced.

39. I can’t believe I dropped (them, those) pencils.

40. One of my best students forgot to study for (her, their) test.

41. We mowed (are, our) lawn.

42. To (who, whom) did the coach give the game ball?

43. The stunning ring is (hers, her’s).

44. I would love to buy (that, that there) tractor.

Write an original sentence using each word correctly.

45. its - ______________________________________________

46. it’s - ______________________________________________

47. you’re - ___________________________________________

48. they’re - ___________________________________________

49. their - _____________________________________________

50. there - _____________________________________________