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Narrative Essay #2

 Samantha Springer

     All people have memories - good memories about themselves that give them
self-confidence in the years to come.  I have one particular memory that made me feel
good and more sure of myself.  It showed me my strength.  I now knew how great of a
singer I was.
     It was a beautiful Saturday - not a cloud in the sky.  I was with six other people at
Paramount King's Island - all of which were my friends.  We had just met up with my mom
and step-dad, Todd, and they brought up the idea for me to sing at the country karaoke
booth.  You see, I had been planning on singing "Don't Be Stupid" by Shania Twain at my
school talent show that year, and they thought it would be great practice.  Well, obviously,
I wasn't too thrilled with this idea.  I was afraid that I would mess up and that there would
be too much competition.  On top of that, all of my friends were there.  I wasn't about to
embarrass myself in front of all of them!  Peer pressure is hard to deal with and I'm telling
you, my friends do not know how to take the answer, "No."  They had heard me sing
before, and they weren't going let me back down.  By that time, my friends and I were
sitting in the audience's place, planning on watching the singers perform.  What I didn't
know, was Todd had already signed my name up.
     I watched in amazement as the woman running the booth sang her opening song,
"Any Man of Mine."  She was awesome.  However, when she announced the first singer
to sing karaoke, my jaw just about hit the floor.  The first singer was me!  Nervously, I
walked up the steps to the stage and took the microphone.  I forced a smile, and
introduced myself to the audience.  Then the familiar music started.  For a second, I
panicked, thinking that I had forgotten all of the words, even though they were right in
front of me.  Despite my nervousness, I naturally started singing and dancing - without
relying on the screen for the words.  I was really getting into it.  Though, the beating of
my heart seemed to drown out the sound of my voice, the audience looked like they were
really enjoying it.
     When it was all finally over, I was shaking from all of the adrenaline.  I heard a
thunderous roar, which was all coming from the enormous crowd that I had captivated
throughout my song.  I walked down the stairs of the stage, and, to tell you the truth, I
couldn't keep up with the compliments people were giving me.  People I didn't even know
were saying things to me.  It made me feel wonderful and talented.  I must not have
embarrassed myself.
     From that day on, I have felt so much better about myself.  This whole experience
changed my life.  Now I am a leader, rather than the follower I used to be.

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