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Narrative Essay #1

 My Personality
Abi Santel

     I think there are many words to describe my personality.  I range from being the
nicest kid in the world to be the biggest brat in the world.  The word I would most
describe myself as, though, is shy.  You will soon see why I think I am shy.
     We were at soccer camp, the summer before I would be in sixth grade. "We"
means my friend Kara and me.  It was the very first time I had been to a soccer camp, and
a sports camp-or any camp- at that.  I was very nervous.  Kara was nervous too, but she
isn't as shy as I am.
     The first few days  that I was at camp, I wanted to participate in small things.
What I consider small things are things like being the example to show the other campers
how to do drills and different things liked that.  I, of course, couldn't find it possible to
volunteer for that.  They would probably laugh at me.  Besides, half of the other campers
were ten times better than me.
     All through camp I went on stepping back when there was a chance to participate
in things I wanted to do.  Then the real time I wanted to volunteer came.  It was the last
day of the week at camp, and the campers were going to play the instructors in a game of
soccer.  I really, really, really wanted to play.  Of course I didn't. I just sat back and
watched while Kara and the rest of the girls had fun playing against the instructors.  When
Kara came to get a drink from her water bottle, she said to me, "Abi, why don't you come
play?" "I don't want to," I said.  Boy, was that lying.
     I hope you realized that there is no advantage to being shy.  It is much more fun to
go on ahead and do the things you want to in life.  You should be glad if shyness is not
included in your personality.

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