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Expository Essay #2
Perfect Attendance
Tyler Boland

     While rules are supposed to benefit people, some rules make matters more complicated. Our school system does a pretty good job at not making up or using these types of rules.  However, every now and then the school system does make up a rule that can be a problem.  For example, the rule I detest is the rule that says to make perfect attendance you may only have one early dismissal per quarter.
     I don't agree with this rule because it is not fair to the students.  If you've scheduled a doctor, dentist, or an orthodontist appointment before you know how hard it is to get the appointment in the late afternoon or during the  weekend.  There is an average of 70 days per quarter, and in that long amount of time we're expected to not get sick or
have an appointment at a physicians no more than once?
     There are two ways I think we can fix this rule.  One way is to expand the amount of days you are permitted to leave early per quarter.  Another way is to have the school call the physician's office and check to see if it is possible to  schedule the appointment at a time when no school will be missed.  If the school comes to the conclusion that the person
could not make the appointment at a better time, the appointment should not account against the student.
     I think by changing this rule more people will strive for perfect attendance and not be discouraged as easily.  I also believe that this idea should cause the unexcused absences
and tardies to decrease.   This idea will make it easier for people who go to the orthodontist's office on a regular basis to make appointments that do not conflict with their attendance.
     In conclusion, I think that my idea should at least be considered.  By following my suggestions, a large amount of stress should be lifted off students and the goal for perfect
attendance will be much easier to reach.

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