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Descriptive Essay #1


Christie Dentry

      The place that I feel most comfortable is my hometown of Huntington Beach.
Huntington Beach is in California about forty miles south of  Los Angles. It is known as
the surfing capital of the world and the best beach in Orange County.
      I relax as I watch the surfers gently glide over the tumbling ocean waves. Seeing
the tall palm trees sway in the wind is calming to me as I watch the rolling sand dunes. The
pier, as red as a ruby, stands out to me among the deep blue ocean. As I lay on the sand, I
see kites rise above the clouds and soar gracefully in the wind. The fisherman cast their
line off the pier hoping to feel a tug and reel in a big fish.
      The sounds of Huntington Beach are that of  harmony. Seagulls peacefully chirp as
they soar overhead searching for food. The howling wind whistles through the beach like
an arriving train. As the crash of the waves thunder through my ears, it brings me back to
reality while I day dream. The sound of oil rigs across Main Street sound like a steady
drum keeping the beat in a orchestra of sounds.
      Everything on Huntington Beach has its own unique feel. The salty air blowing on
my face feels wet and cool as it passes by. The feeling of the grainy sand is comforting to
my feet as I walk across the shore. When I plunge into the ocean's salt water, it feels
refreshing to my skin like a glass of water on a hot day.
      Huntington Beach is my most comfortable place mainly because of the sights,
sounds, and the unique feel of everything mentioned in this essay. When I'm there, I feel
totally relaxed as if I were in my own little world. Most of all, Huntington Beach is my
most comfortable place because it is my favorite place to be on the earth.

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