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Extra Credit

Give the extra effort!!!


1. Complete three puzzles at level 2 at this site.
15 points
2. Choose any quiz and report your results to Mr. Wallace. Darling's Grammar
15 points
3.  Read more than the required 300 pages.  One point for every ten extra pages.
4.  Propose and create a power point presentation for Mr. Wallace's use in English Class. Your proposal must be accepted by Mr. Wallace before you will be given access to the Power Point program.   Points will be negotiated.
5.  Read the Poem-of-the-Week at this site.  Write the theme of the poem, list the poetic techniques used in the poem, and tell me your  favorite line or phrase from the poem and why you like it. Poetry Alive
10 points
6.  Go to this site, print a grammar worksheet, complete it correctly, and turn it in. Grammar with a Science Fiction and Fantasy Slant
10 points


1.  Go to one of these two sites and write a five-paragraph essay about the person you read about.
30 points

2. Go to this site and research a famous Supreme Court case. Write a one page report summarizing the case, identifying the constitutional issues, and explaining the court's decision.

Supreme Court Decisions

50 points

3. Go to this site and research a president. Write a 12 line riddle giving enough clues that I can figure out which president you researched - but don't make it too easy.


25 points



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