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*The final grade for the quarter will be determined by combining three different averages: quizzes, homework, and unit tests.
*Each studentís lowest homework grade and lowest quiz grade will be dropped at the end of each quarter.
*The final grade for the year will be determined by averaging the four quarter grades together.
*Students will have a quiz or test for which to study or a homework assignment to complete nearly every night.
*Students are expected to keep a well-organized notebook to assist in studying for quizzes and tests. The notebook should include sections for  1) grammar and writing notes, 2) literature notes, 3) reading and writinglog, and 4) DOL.
*Quizzes are given frequently to help the teacher evaluate student learning.
*Homework will be given an average of two to three times a week.
*Homework is extremely important for quiz and test preparation.
*Homework assignments will usually be twenty minutes or less.
*Homework assignments will be graded for accuracy, sentence structure, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar  conventions.
*Homework assignments will be posted on the assignment board.
*Late assignments will not be accepted without a parental note stating an excusable reason.
*Students are permitted to redo completed assignments for a possible ninety points.
*Make-up assignments must be turned in within the two day per absence limit stated in the student handbook.
*Each quarter students are required to read three hundred pages in addition to classroom assignments for a part of the homework grade.
*A major part of the fourth quarter grade will be a required research report.