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Summer Fun

I came here today just so I could say,
do you remember all of our past days.

They are what dwell in my favorite memories,
I hope you remember and feel just the same as me.

I remember all of those hot summer days,
almost just like they were yesterday.

We ran up and down the creek all day,
frolicking in the happiest ways.

It was still early, I could feel all the dew,
wet against my feet, wetter than anyone knew.

Happiness and joy filled the crisp air,
as we ran around each bend that was there.

The creek water felt cool, like a windy fall day,
the sun shined forever, just so we could play.

The days are gone that we used to play,
they go by faster with each passing day.

I'll try to hang on to those memories so dear,
I wish every single day that they were still here.

So I sit here know asking of you true,
keep our memories alive inside of you.

Times our hard so now I must go,
tell all my friends and family that I love them so.

I told you now because I knew you would understand,
it is time for me to go and take God's beautiful hand.

I feel him getting closer with every second past,
I think that he is now tapping me, these few words will be my last.

Goodbye, I love you forever dear,
but please don't worry because I will always be near.