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         Alecia's poetry

 1.    Sister
        Sometimes mean   
        She hits hard
        She is the best

 2.    The wonderful woods
        With no holes just smooth grass lands
         A nice place to be

 3.     Waves
         Cold, wet
         Pulls like hands
         Fun to do flips

 4.     I have this sister
         I hate to kiss her
         She can be a pain
         But, she always gives me candy canes
         I have this sister

 5.     The woods are quiet
         The wind is cold
         I would love to buy it
         with out any mold

  6.    I have this friend
         Notes she sends
         Makes me cry
         Because I said good-bye

         I lived close to her
         In the winter there was no burr
         I miss her much
         I think she is Dutch

 7.     Alecia
         Smart, Shy
         She plays softball
         She's nice to other

 8.     Crash
         Hurts, Loud
         Breaks something nice
         Could get in trouble